Yellow Monitoring Cards

1  -  Card Pack (25 Cards)          $ 11.95
4+ - Packs      (100 cards)          $ 10.54 ea

         Now you can kill pests without insecticide. Insect Monitoring Cards are ideal for use in the interiorscape. No spraying, no odor, no toxic substances-these 3" by 5"  cards are coated on both sides with a new UV stable non-drip, non-drying glue that will NOT stick to your hands and contains NO insecticide.

Pests are attracted to the color of the card and stick perrnanently once they land (just like flypaper).  The yellow cards catch fungus gnats, aphids, leaf-miners, thrips, whiteflies, shore flies, fruit flies, leafhoppers, and other flying insects. Great for fungus gnat control. Use with the wire or plastic stakes inserted into the soil surface in an inconspicuous area of the container. Cards don't wear out; just change  when full.
          Sold in polybag. Fresh Packs of 25 cards /pack or in a box of  4 packs (100 cards).