E-Z Soil   (Soil Cookies)

100 - E-Z Soil..........$ 35.00

225 - E-Z Soil..........$ 63.00

900 - E-Z Soil..........$198.00
              (900 Drop Shipped from Factory)

         Replacement for bagged potting soil. Just add water and EZ-Soil wafers  expand in minutes to form a rich mix of compost, peat moss, and polymer  micro-reservoirs. Four wafers fill a 6"  pot. Easy to handle and convenient to store - no mess, no waste - saves  time and water. Great for adding soil to older pIants - easy to carry in tech bag.

EZ-SOIL PRO-BLEND is a specific formulation of EZ-SOIL developed specifically to solve major problems faced by Interiorscape companies.

Developed through joint effort with Interiorscape companies, EZ-SOIL PRO-BLEND is a unique mixture of natural bulking materials, water holding gel and nutrients.

EZSOIL PRO-BLEND is manufactured into compressed wafers. Compressed EZ-SOIL is a light brown disk.

EZ-SOIL PRO-BLEND is sold in the 2 1/2 inch by 3/8th inch wafer form,.  Each wafer will produce one (1) pint of soil or fill one 4" pot. One box of 900 wafers is more than one half of a cubic yard of finished soil. By adding water and stirring, EZ-SOIL looks like and is, in fact, a super premium loose textured, dark brown potting soil.

                    EZ-SOIL PRO-BLEND IS SPECIAL

EZ-SOIL is special for two very important reasons. It saves the interiorscape company a very large amount of TIME and MONEY.

                      EZ-SOIL SAVES MONEY:

1.     Saves time in care of plants.
2.     Reduces the death rate of plants.
3.     Extends the life of plants in place.

                      TIME SAVING USES:

1.  Your technicians only spend 1/2 or less of their time watering plants in EZ-SOIL than they would with ordinary potting soil.
2.  Replenishing depleted soil -  To add EZ-SOIL to potted plants which need more soil is quick, easy and clean. Your technician simply breaks the wafer in halves or fourths and drops it into the pot needing more soil, water the plant and then leave it.  By the technicians next visit, the EZ-SOIL will have spread throughout the pot and filled the pot as needed.

Add more EZ-SOIL on the second visit, if necessary.


Clean-up time:
With EZ-SOIL, the technician can add soil to the pot where it sits with no mess. The technician wastes no time moving the pot to a different location to add soil, nor do they have
to waste time to clean up a mess.

Only 3 lbs. of EZ-SOIL yields the same soil as a 50 pound bag of soil, so the technician can carry all the soil they will need for a full day at one time.  They do not waste tine on repeated trips to get more heavy, bulky bags of potting soil.

What Does This Mean To Your Company in Dollars? (An actual example)

In one 23-floor building, soil replacement with potting soil required 57.5 man hours while EZ-SOIL required only 9 man hours to do the same job.
This means that for this one job, in only one building, the Interiorscape company spent $67.20 for labor cost with EZ-SOIL, but had to spend $402.50 to do the same job with potting

Reduce Death Rate:
Plants grown in EZ-SOIL die less often because the plant has a greater reservoir of water available. If the management of the building changes the environmental controls to raise the temperature or lower humidity, the plants will not die before the technician makes the next plant inspection.


EZ-SOIL PRO-BLEND is formulated to meet the potting requirements of a wide variety of plants. Any plant will grow in EZ-SOIL although different plants have different requirements.  
EZSOIL's pH and nutrient balance is good for a wide range of plants.  Plant performance in EZ-SOIL is equal to, or greater than that of other professional potting soils.

A wide array of plants such as:
1.     Chinese Evergreen
2.     Devil's ivy
3.     Nephthytis
4.     Spanish Dagger
5.     Caladium's
6.     Dumb Cane Perfection
7.     Succulents
8.     Spaths
9.     New Guinea Impatiens

and many others have been tested with great success when grown in EZ-SOIL.
Plant Fertilization:
Plant feeding in EZ-SOIL is simple and easy.  Technicians can use either a water soluble plant food or a time-release plant food.

In general they should do just what they do now.

If using a liquid or soluble form of plant food:  Feed every time you water following the manufacturers recommended dosage for feeding every 2 to 4 weeks. (REMEMBER!!  Plants
grown in EZ-SOIL will be only watered every 2 to 4 weeks.)  Because EZ-SOIL allows very efficient utilization plant food, you may want to reduce the amount of plant food until you find the best rate for your situation.  Over fertilizing can cause plant burn.

Repotting a Large Number of plants:

When potting a large number of plants, it is a good idea to mix up a large batch of EZ-SOIL at one time.  This way you can fill your pots very easily by dipping the pot into the bulk batch to fill it.

An easy way to do this is to put 36 wafers in a five (5) gallon bucket or a 15" pot with no holes. Then add three (3) gallons of water.  In a few minutes, stir the soil.  This will yield
enough potting soil to fill up to 36  4" pots, or four 8" pots.

This is a very simple and easy way to fill a large number of pots with no heavy, messy bags to lift and carry.

Special Instructions:

1.    Do not over-water plants with EZ-SOIL.  The surface of EZ-SOIL will dry out and many people will think that the pot needs water. This is wrong. Using your finger, feel two to three
inches into the pot; if the soil is moist, do not water.  Watering is required only once every two to four weeks, unless the plant is wilting and the soil is bone dry to the touch.

2.    When you have pots, delivered or in the customer location, and the soil has pulled away from the pot wall; simply drop the wafer in the gap.  Afterwards the wafer will expand and fill the gap with no problems or mess.

Extend the Life of Plants:

Plants are expensive to replace.  When you replenish the soil or re-pot poor quality old plants with EZ-SOIL, you can expect the plants to build back to acceptable quality. This will save you the money invested in plant replacement. The characteristics of EZ-SOIL allow more room for error in plant management.  For this reason, new technicians with less experience are less likely to kill plants while they learn their job.

Special Uses of EZ-SOIL:

1.     Refurbishing
2.     Revitalization
3.     Propagation
4.     Re-potting
5.     Replenishment of Depleted Soil
6.     Problem Areas
            a.     Not window areas
            b.     Uncontrolled environments

      EZ SOIL PRO BLEND:  Use Compared to Ordinary Soil

               1.        No-Mess / Less time
               2.        Does not crust over
               3.        Does not shed water
               4.        Self distributes water throughout the pot
               5.        Less Watering / less time
               6.        Replenish soil less often

EZ-SOIL PRO-BLEND is the product that will revolutionize the way that you manage your plants.

EZ-SOIL will save you large amounts of time and money.