Pint - 16 oz..
Quart - 32 oz.
Gallon - 128 oz.
$16.50 ea.   
$14.35 ea.(Case -12)
$ 28.606 ea.  
   $24.75 ea. (Case 12)
$ 99.50 ea,
$ 95.00 ea.  (Case 4)
Makes approx.. 3 Gallons
of finished spray
Makes approx. 6 Gallons
of finished spray
Makes approx. 25 gallons
of finished spray

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(800)  333 - 7977  

                                  To Download the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) click HERE

What is Brand X ?
Brand X is Southwest Plantscape Products' private label of a scientifically formulated solution designed primarily to clean and
shine live interior foliage plants.  It is a silicone based product  that  effectively, with one application and no rinsing or wiping,
removes dirt, dust and water and pesticide spots from the foliage without clogging the plants' pores. It also help repel dust from
settling on the plant's foliage.

That is what is does "on label".  "off label"an application  of Brand X on foliage plants will get rid of most all plant pests, such as scale and Mealy Bugs. That is why we call Brand X "The 'Complete' Foliage Cleaner". Brand X clean your interior plants of all dirt, dust, spots and all of the pests.  The result is a totally clean foliage plant.

NOTE: Brand X is not labeled as a pesticide, nor is it sold as a pesticide.

Who Uses Brand X ?
Brand X was developed for and has been used almost exclusively since 1998 by Interior Landscape Contractors, otherwise known as the Interiorscape industry. These professionals have chosen Brand X as one of their favorite products and contractors throughout the United States, Canada, and even as far away as New Zealand use the product. daily.

Several years ago we asked  approximately 100 users several questions regarding their experience with using Brand X and we received a written response from 56 of the questionnaires that were sent out. All of their answers and comments regarding Brand X have been correlated and presented HERE on a page listed as 'testimonials.  Both favorable and unfavorable responses have been included.