SouthWest Plantscape Products, founded in 1987, supplies tools and accessories mainly to interior landscape contractors, those contractors who maintain plants in interior locations. We ship worldwide, however most of the contractors that we supply are located in the United States and Canada.

While we do not have an extensive Internet Web site, we do have a very complete digital catalog available for downloading (sorry, Windows operating system only), or to view within your browser. We also have a couple of reports on our most popular products, Brand X and 100% Pure Neem Oil that you may also download. Note, the downloadable catalog has more options available than the one viewable with your browser.

All reports require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We also accept retail orders with a Master Card or Visa. We do not accept on-line orders from this web site. Please call us to place an order.

However you may purchase BRAND X on-line by going directly to

See the Educational Links that can answer almost any question and/or solve any problem that you may have regarding interior plantscaping.

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